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Big Red

Stewart Cohen by Stewart Cohen on Nov. 15, 2020

There is quite a story behind Big Red. Around fifteen years ago our nanny named Franny brought Big Red (the doll) home from a garage sale for our daughters. We were immediately creeped out by her but like most things, she soon became part of our family. The girls dressed her up and played with her, she even has her height etched into the wall where we measure everyone's height. Coming home late at night was sometimes a scary experience as you never knew where Big Red was lurking and the light filtering in from the trees illuminated her in a way that time and time again scared the bejesus out of us.

Big Red has nearly been put out to pasture on numerous occasions, but we can't bear to part with her.

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Stewart CohenStewart Cohen is a Director/Photographer and visionary behind SCPictures, which is a full-service production company based in Dallas, Texas. Born in Canada, Stewart has traveled the globe pursuing his passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera. Stewart is known for his skillful approach to capturing people in the moment in motion and stills. He truly enjoys directing and creating stories that are not only powerful, but authentic and his visual approach is honest, resonant, and cinematic.

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