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An exercise in breaking through the walls we all put up and sharing an authentic experience...

Los Angeles is home to over 10 million people. In a city of that size, it’s easy to blend into the background and remain a stranger to those passing by. In this series, we challenged ourselves to change that. We set up in iconic locations throughout LA and struck up conversations with random passers-by. After getting to know them just a bit, we asked them to step in for a portrait. We limited ourselves to one click of the shutter per subject. It was an exercise in breaking through the walls we all put up and sharing an authentic experience with someone we just met - even if only for a moment before going our separate ways.

Retouching by Jeff Whitlock

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Kremer / JohnsonCharacter-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes are our thing. Sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, occasionally scripted, and often just REAL - we specialize in capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings.

Large & complex productions are where we thrive, though we enjoy kicking back in simpler settings as well.

True collaborators at heart, we formed Kremer/Johnson to explore our combined creative vision. We share in all duties from ideation & pre-production through shooting & post. Together we create images for editorial, corporate, and advertising clients nationwide.

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