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Americans (Part 2)
They're all Americans, whether we agree with them or not.

Steve Prezant by Steve Prezant on May 29, 2019

In the age of Trump, as in previous times, we have diverse opinions and beliefs, now amplified by media and social networks. Shouting, protesting, unfriending, marching, arguing. We've heard them, we've seen them. All metaphorically waving the same flag, but often on opposing sides. For a better America.

Most people have some sort of inner belief as to where they think they fit in on the political spectrum. It's important, but very often going to work, paying the rent or getting pizza takes precedence. Years ago, we heard about 'The Silent Majority' and today, we have that...on both sides.

In this series, the subjects and environments are set up to reflect a certain American archetype, I show people with a small American flag (made in China), and it's hard to know what they believe.

They're all Americans, whether we agree with them or not.

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Steve PrezantSteve brings a unique mix of wit, technique and intelligence-with a dash of irony to everything he photographs. He is based in the vibrant Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, and spends his weekends in quiet Bucks County, PA where he does not garden, do crafts, or go for long walks. He shoots for advertising, magazines, healthcare, music and stock, but mostly for himself. He believes that the best piece of equipment a photographer can take to a shoot is an open mind. And tries to let the image speak for itself.

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