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A Silver Lining
What will happen once the virus has run its course?

One silver lining to all the quarantining is that carbon emissions from fossil fuels may shrink by 2.5 billion metric tons by the end of the year - the largest drop ever. But what will happen once the virus has run its course? Can we keep it going for our Mother Earth? Maybe if more of us drive electric cars that’ll help — like this lightening-quick Jaguar I-Pace I photographed at assorted abandoned gas stations along Route 66. I hope so. I’d like to bolt by a world full of abandoned gas stations.

”I stand for what I stand on.” - Wendell Berry

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Christopher WilsonAfter 15 years in the advertising world as a writer and art director, Christopher jumped off a cliff to start Christopher Wilson Photography. As an advertising creative, Christopher created a vast portfolio of powerful campaigns for some of the most recognized luxury brands there are, including Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nikon and Ritz-Carlton to mention only a few. Now Christopher is bringing all that experience and passion to his photography - and it shows. Christopher leapt from agency creative to global photographer, landing projects with the most sought-after brands on the planet, and in just about every country there is on the planet.

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