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A Mofo for Zebco (and Quantum)
A combined production for Zebco and pro-brand Quantum with Modern Climate

Jody Horton by Jody Horton on Sept. 18, 2020

It's been a year since one of our most ambitious shoots ever — a combined production for Zebco and pro-brand Quantum with Modern Climate.

By the numbers it looked like this: 400 miles, 4 dusk-til-dawn days, 8 bodies of water, 6 crew, 32 talent, 2 bass boats, 2 chase boats, 2 paddle boards, 1 canoe, 1 drone, 1 badass VW production van, and 100-degree Texas weather — in all, 1 mofo of a production to say the least.

A huge thanks to our heroic crew and amazing talent for the extreme effort. Some of our favorites from the Quantum part of the production are below.

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Jody HortonI’m a food and lifestyle photographer based in Austin, TX. Before I refocused on photography -around 2009 - I worked as a writer and editor and as a one-man documentary film production company. Before that I worked in Costa Rica for a few years as an adventure travel photographer. And before that I grew up in coastal South Carolina in a large loving family, studied English literature at Clemson University and earned a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of New Mexico.

I think all of the experiences you have in life give shape to the way you see things and, for photographers at least, how you make images. I love the experience of learning and exploring through photography. To me its a total cheat in life - like picking a non-major major. Its also a passport to go anywhere, observe anything that you would like to know more about or see up close. My wife Regan says I feel happiest when I’m getting away with something, and she is right. That’s one of the things I love about photography. A lot of my favorite projects include elements of process, storytelling and culture.

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