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A Fresh Look at Cannabis
How about something new?

Jennifer Davick by Jennifer Davick on Sept. 19, 2020

I had a lot of fun with my team during this test shoot. In placing cannabis and CBD products in minimalist scenes using bright backgrounds and bold lighting choices, I'm offering a fresh perspective on a product that is stigmatized and often given a cliched look.

As legalization sweeps the country and this market swells, we’re still seeing a dated visual take on cannabis, CBD and edibles.

How about something new?

This product is for the focused, not the floundering. It’s for winding down, not checking out. It’s for the sophisticated, not the stoned.

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Jennifer DavickJennifer Davick is a California and New York based Director and Photographer dedicated to crafting striking stories that feature food as the hero. She helps brands utilize motion and still photography to create visuals that are vibrant, stylish, approachable and appetizing. Her work explores the beauty-from-within of ingredients and reveals a portrait of implied lifestyle in the process. Recent clients include Walmart, Starbucks, The Food Network, Aldi, Hillshire Farm, Lifeway Kefir and Electrolux.

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