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A Disco Cheese Pull. Just Because.
One of my favorite ingredients: CHEESE

Jennifer Davick by Jennifer Davick on Aug. 24, 2020

Before this pandemic required us to stay at home, I shot a personal project about one of my favorite ingredients: CHEESE. During this production pause, my team and I worked from home to make a short film with the footage.

This spot gives a distinct personality to cheese and captures my love of colorful food, music and all of the delicious details that make cheese so appetizing.

Did I get you thinking about a grilled cheese for lunch?

You're welcome!

Director + DP: Jennifer Davick; Food stylist: Charlotte Omnes; First Camera AC + Gaffer: Deidre Locklear. Editor: Ali Clark.

This collection of footage and stills is available for license. see other collections available for sale in my personal work portfolio.

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More About Jennifer Davick

Jennifer DavickJennifer Davick is a California and New York based Director and Photographer dedicated to crafting striking stories that feature food as the hero. She helps brands utilize motion and still photography to create visuals that are vibrant, stylish, approachable and appetizing. Her work explores the beauty-from-within of ingredients and reveals a portrait of implied lifestyle in the process. Recent clients include Walmart, Starbucks, The Food Network, Aldi, Hillshire Farm, Lifeway Kefir and Electrolux.

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