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Glen Wexler: The '80s Portrait Sessions

Glen Wexler is one of the first photographers PhotoPolitic started working with and as with anything he puts his name to, we are very excited to help get the word out about what is truly an inspired project. "The '80s Portrait Sessions" is a beautiful 12x12” case bound book full of Glen's portrait work of some of the most iconic personalities in music and television. It's a great gift for any photographer or anyone who simply loves photography and 80's pop culture.

There are only a few days left to take advantage of the pre-order discounts on books, posters and prints before the Kickstarter campaign ends midnight, Sunday, December 2.




"The ’80s Portrait Sessions represent the purest and most distilled embodiment of Wexler’s art. Exquisitely composed and lit, these portraits capture a precious record of glamorous times. Famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead are captured in intimate and sensitive portraits. Legendary rock bands such as KISS, ZZ Top and Missing Persons are photographed in their finery along with influential producers, actors and models, reflecting the now infamous look and style of the 1980s and capturing the essence and glamour of the decade." ~ Andy Burgess, Publisher

Please note: The book is a limited first edition run and won't be available on Amazon or at retail book stores. After the fundraising campaign ends, pricing for the book and prints will be locked in at full gallery rates.

More About Glen Wexler

Glen WexlerAccording to Eric Idle of Monty Python, "Glen is a seven-foot Scotsman with a wooden leg whom I met Frog Rolling on an Eskimo trip in Northern Greenland.” Believe what you will. That’s the point. His pictures have taken the viewer deep into make-believe worlds that look real. Glen's signature style of “improbable realities” has earned an international client base and the following of photography collectors.

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