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Seven Photographers Who Turn Food Into Fine Art

So much of what you find with commercial food photography is more or less the same. Studio lights glaring, over-styled ingredients to the point of ridiculousness, and exactly what you’d expect to find in the next supermarket mailer to arrive in your mailbox — stale catalog shots failing to tell a story or share an experience.

This post is not about the photographers who create those types of images. This post is about seven photographers who I’ve come across in the last few years who are extremely capable artists and who elevate the art of food photography to a new standard. Their images would be just as well suited framed in a gallery as they would be placed on the pages of a magazine.


Cherry Li - Beijing, China

©2016 Cherry Li

Hugh Forte - Orange County, California

©2016 Hugh Forte

Beth Galton - New York, New York

©2016 Beth Galton

Eva Kosmas Flores - Portland, Oregon

©2016 Eva Kosmas Flores

Leigh Beisch - San Francisco, California

©2016 Leigh Beisch

Mowie Kay - London, United Kingdom

©2016 Mowie Kay

Vanessa Lewis - Johannesburg, South Africa

©2016 Vanessa Lewis