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25 Miles in...
Being pushed up against, and beyond our physical and mental limits.

At this stage, your body is effectively in major trauma... Muscles are torn in various places, glucose levels in the bloodstream have plummeted, carbohydrate stores depleted — and your immune system is shot to pieces.

But mentally what are you experiencing so close to the finish line? Fueled by my curiosity, I wanted to create a series that explores the depth of our resolve and embodies our spirit and resilience as human beings.

Completing a marathon is a far deeper experience than 'just' the physical exertion measured in miles and time. Being pushed up against, and beyond our physical and mental limits (both on the day and during the months of training) is a soul level and perspective changing experience.

The Runners

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More About Duncan Nicholls

Duncan NichollsThose with the dedication to reach the summit of their craft inspire him greatly. This curiosity plays a big part in his love for sports and movement, and why the aesthetic and emotion of his work often contains strength and passion. He loves to shoot close in, immersing the viewer in the emotions and mindset of the athlete — and also ultra wide, using negative space and dynamic lines to craft narrative through his work. Specialising in Athletes, Lifestyle and Landscapes Duncan's stills and motion clients include Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Adidas, TAG Heuer & The North Face. Duncan is also a strong advocate of social responsibility, and creating the Our Vision Project raising funds to tackle avoidable blindness around the world.

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