About PhotoPolitic?

About PhotoPolitic?


PhotoPolitic is a photographic news and services company based in Los Angeles. We like to think of ourselves as a partner to creative professionals who create and/or utilize professional photography. We’re a partner that is truly global in reach as we have alliances with important industry contacts in nearly every major market — all of whom are working together to further the careers of photographers, stylists, and the industry as a whole.

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What do you get when you mix London architecture, World Freerun Championship winner Tim Shieff, and photography? An amazing series by fellow freerunner and photographer Jason Paul that challenges the senses and explores what’s possible by merging the razor thin lines of legality, morality, and beauty into a stunning series of images.

Beyond the beauty in these images, they are actually serving another important cause, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Apprentice Programme. A percentage of sales of these prints will be going towards Jamie’s charity for disadvantaged teenagers.

Established in 2002, the Fifteen Apprentice Programme has transformed hundreds of young people’s lives. By using the magic of food to unlock their hidden talents, we train disengaged young people for a long-term career in the restaurant industry. For every £1 invested in the programme, £9.50 of social value is returned.









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