About PhotoPolitic?

About PhotoPolitic?


PhotoPolitic is a photographic news and services company based in Los Angeles. We like to think of ourselves as a partner to creative professionals who create and/or utilize professional photography. We’re a partner that is truly global in reach as we have alliances with important industry contacts in nearly every major market — all of whom are working together to further the careers of photographers, stylists, and the industry as a whole.

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Here we go again, another long, dark, and cold winter. Those are undoubtedly words of dread for some, but for many photographers, it’s a time for celebration. Winter is a magical season of dramatic dark light, ominous skies, and the endless array of fascinating textures that come as a result of subzero temperatures. Whether the images are taken in a natural setting, or even in the studio with winter as the theme — the results of the seven photographers below speak for themselves and showcase what is arguably the most beautiful season.

Burçin Gültekin – Istanbul, TurkeyBurçin GültekinPhoto: ©Burçin Gültekin

André Silva – London, United KingdomAndre Silva
Photo: ©Andre Silva

Attila Simon – Budapest, HungaryAttila Simon
Photo: ©Attila Simon

Felix Hernandez – Cancún, MexicoFelix Hernandez
Photo: ©Felix Hernandez

Elisabetta Rosso – Torino, ItalyElisabetta Rosso
Photo: ©Elisabetta Rosso

Mikko Lagerstedt -Tuusula, Finland
Mikko Lagerstedt
Photo: ©Mikko Lagerstedt

Sven Quandt – Bad Oldesloe, Germany
Sven Quandt
Photo: ©Sven Quandt

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