What Our Members Are Saying About PhotoPolitic

"Love PhotoPolitic. A ton of incredible A-List shooters all in one place. A great place for agencies to look to find great talent."

Michael Raso

New York, NY

"PhotoPolitic is an incredible resource. I've enjoyed working with them thoroughly. It is a really thoughtful, easy to navigate design and has some of the best talent I've seen all in one place. It's a great one-stop shop to source some of the best people in the creative industry across photography, directing and in-front of the camera talent.

I highly recommend utilizing PhotoPolitic and making a connection with Chris!"

Kelly Elaine Garthwaite

Los Angeles, CA

"Chris has developed something quite unique with PhotoPolitic. Photography can be a solitary profession, done in isolation. Chris has cleverly recognised this and filled the gap by providing much more than a killer cutting edge visibility platform for photographers. In PhotoPolitic he provides a real community where serious pro photographers can share, interact and grow. As an ex-photographer, Chris “gets it” and is a trailblazer for where our industry can go."

Billy Plummer

Sydney, NSW

"Chris has been incredibly kind, generous and helpful in the process of becoming a member of PhotoPolitic. Chris is passionate about his platform and in helping photographers succeed on an international level in a post pandemic environment."

Manja Wachsmuth

Auckland, NZ

"Chris is a wonderful advocate for photographers. He is proactive and persistent, and does an amazing job at pulling together creative talents from around the world. He is a community builder, and he is a great cheerleader for our businesses. He is also so great at putting people at ease, and finding the gold in our work. Visionary, and clever, he’s a great person to deal with for elevating your professional profile."

Amber-Jayne Bain

Wellington, NZ

"From Day One of working with Chris, he has made himself available to me. His decades of experience is invaluable whenever I seek his counsel. He is incredibly prompt in all his responses and seems to generally care for his members success. Highly recommend!"

Daniel G. Weiss

New York, NY

"Chris has created an elegantly beautiful, cutting edge, powerful platform for excellent photographers to feature their work, be discovered within an amazing roster of talent and really shine. He has a vast resume of experience in our commercial advertising world, from a photographer himself to a successful agent and producer. He understands how to navigate this biz from top to bottom and shares is know-how and wisdom with ease and grace. I am a creative consultant to photographers after being an agent and I have met and worked with many people over the years — Chris is a friend who I trust implicitly, he is a connector and he loves his work, I truly enjoy our conversations and always get a huge boost from our productive, fun chats. I tell all my clients about PhotoPolitic and how Chris sets the bar high; great marketing and steady consistent networking, he is highly connected with industry creatives, has a keen eye for serious talent, makes PhotoPolitic affordable and the most important thing to me, he is passionate, joyful, & hands on with his company — and you CAN REACH HIM ON THE PHONE and talk as needed in a timely fashion!"

Stephanie Menuez

Guadalajara, MX

"It has been fantastic to work with Chris. He has his finger on the pulse of what is going on in our industry and he is great at finding unique ways to market our photographers. He knows his audience and understands the type of content that gets their attention. We have enjoyed our relationship with him and can't wait to see what he comes up with next."

Heather Elder

San Francisco, CA

"Chris has created a truly unique platform in what is otherwise a crowded and increasingly diluted space for high end commercial and editorial photographers.

Not only nice but his wealth of industry knowledge and his advice are invaluable.

As for PhotoPolitic, I love the way my work is showcased and the unmatched user interface makes it both beautiful and functional. I love the Member Stories and the new Crew & Services section is extremely useful.

Karan Kapoor

London, UK

"Chris’ reputation in the photography industry preceded him, and the meetings I’ve had with him have confirmed this pro active attitude toward helping photographers get exposure.

I see Chris as a kindred spirit, equally as passionate about photography as I am. In his case he has focused his experience and energy on his unique platform, PhotoPolitic, and I know he works really hard to keep pushing out engaging stories and carefully selected photographers (many including my clients) in front of people that matter via that platform."

Christina Force

Auckland, NZ

"Chris is a pleasure to work with. The products he offers are intelligent, easy to navigate and well-designed for both creatives and buyers. I can call Chris at anytime to discuss current business trends, general industry events, or to ask for technical help with one of my portals. His knowledge is helpful and appreciated."

Jim Vecchione

Washington, DC

"PhotoPolitic has been instrumental in my development. Their guidance while I was developing my own portfolio was wise, educated and comes with many years of experience. Chris' knowledge of the industry is unmatched, he has helped me navigate the industry while I try to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend PhotoPolitic. A simple conversation which I have regularly with Chris proves valuable and worthwhile."

Adam Blasberg

Vancouver, BC

"When I think of PhotoPolitic I think of the incredible communities they build. PhotoPolitic is a connector of people, bringing talents of all kinds together and helping others along the way. Their spirit has aways been about lending a hand to propel others. It's been great working with them and always appreciate their support and endless contributions to lifting up creatives and helping them succeed."

Tim Tadder

Encinitas, CA

"Chris has a great eye for talent. Scouting the world of photographers, he’s a matchmaker for reps and emerging talent. A real resource!"

Janice Moses

New York, NY

"Marketing platforms come and go. They all have both strong and weak points and they all make promises that rarely seem to come to fruition. That being said, PhotoPolitic is not only meeting my expectations but far exceeding them. One thing in particular that I'm loving is the focus on community building amongst top tier photographers. If you're invited to join, don’t hesitate to get involved."

Doug Menuez

New York, NY

"The game has changed and creatives are now looking at photography and photographers differently. PhotoPolitic is quick, easy and beautifully produced. Today I only have time and money to invest in platforms that work for me."

Sandro Miller

Chicago, IL

"This is a business where if you're out of sight you are also out of mind. The challenge is about being seen at the right time. Developed from the perspective of one who commissions photography, PhotoPolitic provides a fresh and relevant platform for top working photographers worldwide to maintain a marketing edge."

Glen Wexler

Los Angeles, CA

"I have been a member of PhotoPolitic for the last year. This has given me an opportunity to work with Chris, see his vision come to fruition, continue to develop and grow. He has proven to be a tireless champion of great photography and photographers. Chris has high standards not only for the community he serves but for the service he provides. With years of industry experience, he has shaped his consulting and marketing to make effective use of his knowledge. Chris is the perfect consultant, a great combination of knowledge, experience and a personable nature. I feel fortunate to have Chris on my side and look forward to our future collaborations."

Steve Korn

Seattle, WA

"There are a ton of portals to advertise on these days and choosing the right ones can be daunting. What I look for is a super clean and easy to use interface, a roster of top notch names, a smart search engine and of course competitive pricing. PhotoPolitic has all of this along with great customer service! I'm excited about where they are going and think they will become the go-to place for finding great talent."

Andy Goodwin

Chicago, IL

"We love PhotoPolitic. As an artist, it's simplicity saves us time and allows us to show only our best work. The viewer experience is fast and powerful. We're proud to be represented here."

Kremer / Johnson

Los Angeles, CA

Great team at PhotoPolitic — they have put together a great way of exposing our work to a global but relevant audience. They form an integral part of our marketing strategy.

Marc Rogoff

London, UK

"I see PhotoPolitic as a partner. I love to discover and share work. It's an open window on creativity. Simple, efficient, and accurate. I strongly recommend."

Marlyne & Patrick Curtet

Los Angeles, CA

"Chris is a passionate and committed advocate for photographers. In all of my interactions with Chris, he is thorough and works tirelessly in his endeavors. Not only does he have a wealth of experience, but he is creative, stays well-informed, keeping abreast of pertinent trends and developments. He is also friendly, considerate, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I happily give Chris my highest recommendation."

Richard Tuschman

New York, NY